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  August 2016
Executive search module for ACT! 2016 roll out Owen Reed goes live with Datastream's new Executive Search module for ACT! 2016. More...
  September 2016
Datastream Releases 3 new Utilities for ACT! to expand ACT functionality in an enterprise and corporate environment. More...
  Featured Product
  Do It! Bill It!
For those who know time really is money... Organize projects and tasks in ACT! Simplify tracking your billable time! And stop wasting valuable hours writing invoices! More...

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  Do It! Bill It!
Because tracking your time should not waste your time!

Now use ACT! to track your hours and easily create invoices. Perfect for consultants, accountants, Lawyers and other hourly professionals!
  • Easily track time spent on client projects & tasks.
  • Create instant invoices in Peachtree or Quickbooks.
  • Custom view in ACT! shows project tasks for contacts.
  • Add notes to Project tasks and create distinct internal notes or client documentation.
  • Track billable vs. non-billable time.
  • Multi-user application - Assign tasks to ACT! users.
  • Links to ACT! Calendar. More...
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Sell it! Swipe it!

Turn ACT! into a Credit Card Processing Terminal Charge your client’s credit card directly in ACT!

Key Features:
Option to save encrypted customer credit card details in ACT!
Creates a history of all transactions in ACT!
Generate credit card transaction reports More...

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Easily Manage Clients, Jobs, Candidates and Resumes from Your ACT! Database.

Placements is a complete recruitment and job tracking module for small or large Executive Search organizations. Tailored around ACTs elegant contact management and scheduling features, Placements adds Client Contact modules for Job Orders, and tracking of your Candidate Contacts on these Jobs. The system allows you to move candidates through the search/hiring process, with 8 stages starting with "Posted", and ending with "Placed" (Submitted "and "Interviews" are somewhere in the middle) More...

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Get it! Grab it!

Tired of grabbing your web leads one record at a time? Import unlimited contacts from your web files in two clicks. Link your web-based contact files directly to ACT!

Until now, capturing web-based data was a time-consuming task that meant grabbing records one-by-one via your email or web template, or going through the multi-step process of downloading the files and setting up an import in ACT! More...

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Edit Blocker for Record Level Security

Many organizations would like the their users to be able to view certain records, but NOT edit them. (or only have certain people edit them - and not everyone) Now, with Edit Blocker, you can restrict certain users from editing certain records.

Edit blocker allows for flexible configuration - restricting editing based on the record criteria that you input. It also allows Exclusions to your criteria: for instance, lets say you specify that you are restricting editing to all contacts in the "Dignitaries" group to only the Record Manager. You can also specify "exceptions" to your rules. Example: If ID/Status = Board Member then do not restrict editing per 'my rules'. More...

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Field Monitor

Field Monitor will monitor the ACT! fields you specify for two distinct and important monitoring benefits:

a. specify the fields you want monitored, and Field Monitor will prompt you when you change those fields. Where you have sensitive data, this prompt keeps you from making accidental changes to your records. Protect your sensitive Data! ACT!'s easy to edit open screen helps make it a great productivity tool; but in can also make you vulnerable to accidental changes of sensitive data. Field monitor eliminates the possibility of changing data and never knowing. Once you specify the fields you want monitored, you will be prompted every time data in those fields gets changed on your computer. (you get prompted as you leave the current record)

b. Keep changes between your related 'Company Contacts' in sync with each other - Enhance the relationship of your Contact and Company Data Acts company records are great ways to get a Global View of your relationship to the Company, but lots of the information between the Contact and the Company should stay in sync automatically. Field Monitor will do this for more elegantly then the similar ACT! features. More...

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Sharepoint ACT! Updater

Keep your SharePoint contact list in sync with ACT!

SharePoint ACT! Updater lets you specify the ACT Contact fields you want to send to SharePoint , and when those fields are changed in ACT!, SharePoint will get updated automatically. This lets you distribute valuable ACT information to any SharePoint user in your office. More...

Mailing-Address Selector
Always merge the correct mailing address of your contacts!

In a database where contacts have multiple addresses (
home, work, vacation, country) o
ne of them is the mailing address.

Mailing-Address Selector lets you designate which one is the Mailing Address so you can:
  • Easily print envelopes and labels
  • Use standard ACT! address fields or create as many custom address fields as you need
  • Mailing-Address selector will allow you to easily link to your custom fields. More...
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Listmaker Express
Make lists of random contacts with ease!

Speedy list making is now possible when looking up random contacts in your database.

Have you ever wanted to lookup 10 people that had nothing in common... except they all had a name. Now you can with ease and speed. More...


Change it! Prompt it!
Alerts you whenever changes are made to a field!

You decide which fields you want to monitor. When changes are made to those fields, you will be prompted to save or discard those changes.

FoFor those concerned with accidental data modifications in their ACT database, this product will help ensure that you are aware of all changes made to your important fields. More...


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