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  August 2016
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  September 2016
Datastream Releases 3 new Utilities for ACT! to expand ACT functionality in an enterprise and corporate environment. More...
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For those who know time really is money... Organize projects and tasks in ACT! Simplify tracking your billable time! And stop wasting valuable hours writing invoices! More...

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  Tired of grabbing your web leads one record at a time? Import unlimited contacts from your web files in two clicks. Link your web-based contact files directly to ACT! Want to bring your eBay sales into ACT! ? Get it Grab it does that too !!

Until now, capturing web-based data was a time-consuming task that meant grabbing records one-by-one via your email or web template, or going through the multi-step process of downloading the files and setting up an import in ACT!

Those days are over!

Now you can import an unlimited number of contacts from web-based data files directly into your ACT! database quickly and easily in two clicks with ActWeb Importer. ActWeb Importer reads EXCEL, ACCESS, CSV and TXT files and imports all data in the file.
  • Imports unlimited contacts at once
  • Connects ACT! directly to web-based data file
  • Links to Excel, Access, CSV and TXT files
  • No template set up required
  • Stores web file location and field mapping information
  • Designed to be easily used by the technologically challenged. Simply click the job name and import!

Can import to both the Contact Table and the Opportunity table.
Can bring your website sales into ACT Opportunities.

With its flexible map, you can map and Import your website or Ebay data directly into ACT. Lets you stamp fields, and analyze the data as it comes it and code it based on the analyses (example: If payment complete code = True then (when importing into ACT) change ID/Status (in ACT) = Customer Creates both Contacts and Opportunities records in ACT!.

Automate your Import ! Get it! Grab it! has a scheduler that will run at specified times to import your data.
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