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  Field Monitor will monitor the ACT! fields you specify for two distinct and important monitoring benefits:

a. specify the fields you want monitored, and Field Monitor will prompt you when you change those fields. Where you have sensitive data, this prompt keeps you from making accidental changes to your records. Protect your sensitive Data! ACT!'s easy to edit open screen helps make it a great productivity tool; but in can also make you vulnerable to accidental changes of sensitive data. Field monitor eliminates the possibility of changing data and never knowing. Once you specify the fields you want monitored, you will be prompted every time data in those fields gets changed on your computer. (you get prompted as you leave the current record)

b. Keep changes between your related 'Company Contacts' in sync with each other - Enhance the relationship of your Contact and Company Data Acts company records are great ways to get a Global View of your relationship to the Company, but lots of the information between the Contact and the Company should stay in sync automatically. Field Monitor will do this for more elegantly then the similar ACT! features.

When you change a "Company Contact" or a "Company" record, Field Monitor automatically updates the Company and all the other "Company Contacts" with your change(s) You can specify which fields should be monitored for changes.
If one of your specified fields is changed on a contact record, it will update all the other company contacts, as well as the company. And if Company information is changes, those changes will sync down to the company contact.

Why chose Field Monitor Over the option in ACT! to copy Company/Contact data?
  • Field Monitor actually updates all related 'Company Contacts' when you change Contact info. ACT! does NOT do this.
  • Field monitor works invisibly in the background - no annoying prompts to respond to.

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Field Monitor will monitor the ACT! fields you specify for two distinct and important monitoring benefits:

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