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  September 2016
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  Do It! Bill It!
For those who know time really is money... Organize projects and tasks in ACT! Simplify tracking your billable time! And stop wasting valuable hours writing invoices! More...

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  For those who know time really is money... Create and organize work items for your ACT! contacts! Simplify tracking your billable time! And stop wasting valuable hours writing invoices!

Price: $239 per user 5 users lic. $999 10 user lic. $1,749

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Do It! Bill It!™ (DB-ware) bridges the ACT! gap between project management, tracking billable time, and creating invoices. With Do It! Bill It!™ you can create work item deliverables for your ACT! clients; assign them to ACT! users with due dates; schedule them as activities in the ACT! calendar; track billable and non-billable hours spent on them; and when it's time to create an invoice for the work items, one click of a button and the entire invoice is done in QuickBooks (and soon Peachtree). And Do It! Bill It!™ lets you keep extensive notes on each work item that can be marked for internal or external use.

Tracking Work Items

Create work items for every deliverable. Work items can be assigned to clients or grouped in projects. Each client or project related work item will be assigned to an ACT! user and can be assigned a due date. Easily schedule work items as an activity on the user's ACT! calendar. Extensive notes can be kept on each item and marked for Internal or Client use. Create a billing description when you create a work item that will merge directly into your invoice. Flag bugs and help monitor on-going troubleshooting.

View projects and work items by client, by ACT! user, or across your entire database. Or search for all work items due within a specific time period.

View work items from within ACT! on the Do It! Bill It!™ tab. Easily add hours spent on work items by just clicking on the tab in ACT!

Tracking Time

Add unlimited "time spent" segments to any work item from inside ACT! or the Do It! Bill It!™ software. Hours can be marked as Billable or Non-billable. Billable time will be calculated automatically and sent to your QuickBooks invoices.


Track hours on work items and at any point view time spent - both billable and non-billable. When you want to invoice, simply mark the work items displayed on the Invoice tab and with one click, Do It! Bill It!™ will automatically create the invoice in QuickBooks. You will see all of your billable time with descriptions and totals reflected on your invoice.

  • Easily create invoices in QuickBooks (and soon Peachtree) directly from your list of work items, eliminating the need to make double-entries and the possibility of losing billable hours
  • Link work items to your ACT! contacts
  • Easily track billable time
  • Add notes to work items
  • Create distinct internal or client documentation
  • Assign work items to others
  • Schedule work items as activities on your ACT! calendar
  • Flag hot issues or project bugs
  • Easy to use

System Requirements
Pentium III, 256 MB RAM
30 MB free space for installation
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Windows Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012
Compatible with ACT! 2010 to 2015
Compatible with Peachtree 2003, 2004 and 2005
Compatible with QuickBooks 2006 to 2015
(Accounting software only required for DB-Ware to process invoices)


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